Introducing...Mocha Java

We have been a single source coffee bean company from the start. Our customers love the integrity and freshness of flavor in single-origin beans. And so do we.

However, after months of tasting coffee from around the world, we began to warm up to the idea of making a blend. Coffee is about sharing experiences with others, about embracing new worldviews. What better way to do that than to combine two of our favorite coffees from different regions of the world?

This isn't just any blend – this Mocha Java blew us away and now we're making it available to you! 

What’s in the Name?

You may think that Mocha Java is coffee mixed with chocolate flavoring. However, like many coffee names, Mocha Java refers to the geography of the beans in the blend. Mocha and Java are two ports where coffee traders in days of yore picked up two different varieties of coffee.

Centuries ago, traders sailing from Europe to Indonesia would stop in the port of Java (in Indonesia, the blue pin on the map below) and buy the earthy, bold coffees that area had to offer. These traders would then sail on and then stop in the port of Mocha in Yemen and buy the lighter, fruitier coffees characteristic of the area of nearby Ethiopia. (The red pin in the map below shows where the Mocha coffee in our blend comes from.)

Mocha Java Map

Eventually, Europeans experimented with combining the two coffees to create one of the first blends. This became the enduring classic known today as Mocha Java. The lighter, fruitier flavors of the African coffee balances the deep full notes of the Java coffee…and the first blend took off.

At Cadena, our Mocha Java blend is the most premium and highest quality coffee that we offer. We think you'll be able to taste the difference – check it out here.