Mission-Driven Coffee

We founded Cadena Coffee in 2019 with the goal to allow people to enjoy artisanal coffee from the comfort of their homes.

We’re proud to say that we've accomplished that goal — we have subscribers from around the country who enjoy Cadena’s curated, fresh beans on a daily basis. But we have always wanted to do something more.

Holding coffee beans

In working on Cadena for the past few years, we've been exposed to the interesting dynamics of the global coffee industry. Coffee prices are rising, but farmers are seeing little of that money in their pockets. Coffee is a fickle crop, grown at specific temperatures and altitudes, meaning climate change disproportionally and directly affects coffee farmers' livelihoods. 
How are we at Cadena thinking about these problems? 

  1. We focus on roasting small batches of fair trade organic beans. All coffee is not created equal – we give you only the best, curated selection of beans and roast carefully in small batches in order to bring out the flavor in each bean. In doing so, we support farmers in remote and developing regions of the world.
  2. Starting today, we are donating 10% of all of Cadena Coffee's profits to GiveDirectly.

We believe that as entrepreneurs, it is incumbent upon us to give back. At Cadena, we were lucky enough to be born into circumstances that allowed us to start this company: we had access to clean water, received a good education, live in a politically stable country...the list of things that we take for granted daily goes on and on. 

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." 
—William Gibson

GiveDirectly facilitates direct cash transfers to those who need them the most in the world – people like coffee farmers. Per GiveWell, it is one of the highest-impact ways to accomplish good with donations.

This holiday season, we at Cadena are reflecting on what we are grateful for. We believe that it is also important to go one step further and address the opportunity and responsibility that we have to make a positive impact on the world.