Stuck at Home? Make Your Own Coffeeshop Experience!

If you’re anything like us here at Cadena, you’ve been spending a all of your time at home over the past few weeks, drinking a lot of coffee. 

We’re missing drinking coffee around others, so we came up with a few simple tips to help recreate the coffeeshop experience in the comfort of your own home.

How to Recreate the Coffeeshop Experience When You're Stuck at Home

1. Grind your beans just before you make your cup of coffee. Coffee beans peak in flavor within 90 seconds of grinding, so this ensures that your coffee is maximally fresh! It also has the great side effect of making your home smell like a welcoming coffeeshop.

2. Put on that coffeeshop playlist. We’ve created a couple just for you! Check them out on Spotify:

3. Decorate your space with local art — see this dog for inspiration!
Dog, Coffee, and Cactus4. Lock the door of your bathroom and ask your roommates/partner/children/pet cat for the key when you need to use it. Bonus points if you need to wait outside while someone else finishes!

5. Have a WiFi password written on the wall that may or may not actually be the correct password. Part of the fun of being in a coffeeshop is interrupting the barista’s work to ask for the WiFi password!

6. Make sure that your outlets are all in use, leaving you no place to charge your laptop and cell phone. Better yet, just remove all of the electrical outlets from your home.

7. If anything goes wrong, blame the manager.

8. Last but not least: lots and lots of Cadena Coffee.

To keep you caffeinated during this quarantine, we are offering a sitewide discount of 5% with the promo code STAYHOME. Grab some quality Cadena beans for you and your loved ones today!