Whole Bean Coffee vs. Grounds

When we first started Cadena Coffee, we got questions about why we sell only freshly roasted coffee beans. Some of our friends said they used pre-packaged cups of coffee for the convenience and asked whether grinding their own coffee beans really makes a difference in taste.

However, after using freshly-ground Cadena beans to prepare a cup of French press, espresso, or pour-over coffee, those folks have come around to our way of thinking 😀.

Freshly ground beans have a more complex, richer taste than grounds (as well a classic aroma that builds anticipation as you prepare your cup ☕️). Once beans are ground, they begin to lose their freshness, so for the freshest possible cup of coffee, grind your beans immediately before you brew. If you want to grind for more than one cup at a time that's fine too – just know that ground coffee beans lose their freshness gradually over a week or two. 

Additionally, grinding your own beans allows you the ability to customize the strength and taste of your coffee. A finer grind leads to more extraction from your beans and a stronger brew. A more coarse grind leads to less extraction and a weaker cup of coffee. By adjusting the grind size of your beans, you can customize your cup to your personal preferences.

Our whole beans at Cadena are fresher and more flavorful than grounds, as well as being customizable to your personal tastes. Check out our offerings for a more elevated coffee experience!